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Volume 10 Cover
Volume 10 Illustration

Berkshire Nonconformist Meeting House Registrations, 1689-1852 (Part II)

Edited by Lisa Spurrier

Published by Berkshire Record Society in 2005

ISBN: 0 9548716 0 X

Under the Toleration Act of 1689, protestant dissenters were permitted to worship in public provided that their premises were licensed by either Quarter Sessions or the church authorities. With minor modifications, the system lasted until 1852. These volumes contain the texts of all surviving Berkshire registration certificates for nonconformist places of worship (including tents and a field) between those years. The certificates provide evidence about both the meeting-houses themselves and the leading individuals involved making them of great value to those researching the history of their community as well as to historians of religion.


Registrations with the Bishop of Salisbury (cont), 1831-1837 1
Registrations with the Bishop of Oxford, 1835-1852 49
Registrations with the Dean of Salisbury, 1750-1812 111
Registrations with the Berkshire County Quarter Sessions, 1738-1852 123
Registrations with the Abingdon Borough Quarter Sessions, 1698-1843 152
Registrations with the Maidenhead Borough Quarter Sessions, 1785-1815 155
Registrations with the Newbury Borough Quarter Sessions, 1696-1840 157
Registrations with the Reading Borough Quarter Sessions, 1838-1849 159
Registrations with the Wallingford Borough Quarter Sessions, 1719-1835 160
Registrations with the Windsor Borough Quarter Sessions, 1788-1839 164
Registrations with the Wokingham Borough Quarter Sessions, 1706 166
Catholic registrations at Quarter Sessions, 1791-1850 167
An example of a prosecution of an unregistered meeting house 172
An example of registration affording protection against persecution 174
Examples of printed forms 176
1672 licenses 177
1669 returns of nonconformists 191
Agents used to deliver certificates 200
A 'missing' registration (Reading, 1828) 204
Index 205