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President: Mr James Puxley, Lord-Lieutenant of Berkshire

Chairman: Professor Ralph Houlbrooke

General Editor: Dr Peter Durrant

Correspondence of the Foundling Hospital Inspectors in Berkshire 1757-68

Volume 1 Illustration
Volume 1 Cover

Edited by Gillian Clark

Published by Berkshire Record Society in 1994

ISBN: 0 9524946 0 4

This volume contains over 500 letters from Berkshire inspectors, locally recruited men and women who supervised the placement of foundling children in the county under the auspices of the Hospital governors. The letters give a remarkable and vivid account of the personal stories of the children and of the families that took them in. This volume is now out of print but is available online using the links at the foot of the page.


Acknowledgements iv
General Introduction v
Foreword vii
The Foundling Hospital xi
The records xiv
The inspectors xvii
Reception into the hospital xxviii
At nurse: the occupation of wet nurse xxxv
Wet nursing in practice: arrival at nurse xxxxii
The first year at nurse xxxxiv
The second, third and fourth years at nurse il
Children who stayed after the fifth anniversary lv
Return to the hospital lviii
Conclusion lx
Editor's note lxi
1757 1
1758 1
1759 2
1760 77
1761 115
1762 150
1763 163
1764 174
1765 190
1766 204
1767 210
1768 239
Appendix: a list of nurses' names 243
Index 248